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Neck and Shoulder Release

Quick, simple, effective exercise for increasing range of motion in neck and shoulders.

First check your range of motion. Without using the whole body - turn your neck/head as far to the right as possible - with your right eye focus on something you can see the furthest peripherally in the room - return to front. Repeat to left side.

Neck Release: With right hand grasp the back of neck on the left side (stay away from spine).

Firm pressure - "yes" motion 6x slowly as not to make yourself dizzy, "no" motion 6x, then circular motion with head one way 6x and the opposite way 6x. You should feel the muscles moving under the hand on your neck. This is a form of self-massage. When finished - shake arm/hand out. Repeat entire sequence with left hand placed on back of neck right side: "yes", "no", circles. Shake out arm/hand when finished.

Shoulder Release: With right hand in front, grab hold of the upper trapeziuz muscle (top of shoulder) on opposite side. Left arm should be in a "chicken wing" position. Rotate left arm forward in this position 8x as you hold firm pressure on upper trap muscle with right hand. Next, if possible, move right hand down a little further in between shoulder blade and spine - hold and rotate left arm in "chicken wing" position. Forward then backward 8x each. (Important to keep arm bent while rotating in order to isolate the correct muscles you are trying to release).

Check to see how your ROM has improved. Do the "ROM check" you started with. You will be amazed at how much further you can turn your head and see peripherally.

Great exercise to do first thing in the morning or after sitting hunched over for any length of time.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

(balances nervous system)

Using your index finger to hold the right nostril closed, breathe in the left nostril to the count of six. Hold the breath for three counts. Release the right nostril and breathe out to the count of six, closing the left nostril for six counts. Hold for three counts. Release the left nostril and breathe out to the count of six. Alternate flow of air six times. You will experience an unbelievable sense of relaxation. This is an especially effective exercise to do when you are under stress, i.e. speaking engagement, etc.